This amazing BB-8 inflatable Halloween costume for kids is 36% off at Walmart right now

It’s spooky season and if you’re wanting to steal the show as someone or something “Star Wars” related, Walmart has you covered (literally!) with a whopping 36% off an inflatable BB-8 costume

BB-8 quickly became a fan favorite droid in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars movies and a saving of over $28 represents an out-of-this-world deal. This inflatable Star Wars costume replicates the droid’s pattern as seen in the movies and is a cool way for you or your child to stand out this Halloween.  

If Star Wars is your thing but BB-8 isn’t then be sure to check out our best Star Wars costumes guide. Walmart is offering the inflatable Star Wars costume in both a kids and adult size, the kids size was  $79.19, but is on sale now for $50.99 and the adult size is down from $86.98 to now $59.99.

When it comes to Halloween there is no such thing as a little too over the top, and this costume is the embodiment of that. Just think about walking to any party or social event and every head turning as you enter the room, or walking around trick-or-treating dressed as the lovable ball-like droid.

The costume is a one size fits all fitting but elastic materials allow for people of different sizes to wear it comfortably and it includes a battery operated fan to inflate it although batteries aren’t included. 

Both kids and adult inflatable BB-8 costumes are officially licensed products and this is one of our favorite Star Wars costumes out there at the minute – and with this deal right before Halloween, why wouldn’t you want it?

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