The Sanrock U52 Drone is a whopping 32% off from Amazon!

It’s another day and another drone deal from Amazon. This time, the retail giant has a whopping 32% off the Sanrock U52 Drone, which comes with a 1080-pixel high-definition camera. 

What better way to celebrate World Space Week than by getting a view of the very world we live in from above? The Sanrock U52 Drone is a great gift for any tech fan and doesn’t require much previous experience as it’s easy to use and suitable for beginners. 

The camera offers a real-time first-person view of what your drone records and you can even edit the footage as clips are automatically saved to a micro SD memory card. But if you want to save yourself over $32 you’ll have to act quickly because we’re not sure how long this deal will last.

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 Cut from $99.99 down to $67.98, this is great value with the holidays not far away and is suitable for beginners and experts alike. The quadcopter is capable of tricks like 360-degree rolls and flips, but features like a gravity sensor and automatic hovering mean you can get used to the drone before moving on to tricks and ensures a steady hold when recording for clear-cut footage.

Sanrock’s U52 Drone comes with a USB charging cable and a full charge can offer up to 15 minutes worth of flight time; separate batteries are available from the company’s website. 

Further features of the drone include planning your route on the app and automatic take off and landing, making it particularly user-friendly. 

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