Save $10 on this Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms set on Amazon

You can save $10 on this 6-in-1 Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms set just in time for the holidays for your budding roboticist when you get it from Amazon.

The set gives you the option to build any one of six different robotic arms and it has a special pneumatic system that uses air pressure to power and move the models. It is also a great way to encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning in anyone aged seven or above.

A saving of 17% ($59.95 down to $49.95) means this could be the perfect opportunity to grab a great deal on a gift for any budding scientist in your life. You’ll have to act quickly though because we’re not sure how long this deal will last.

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Two great features of the robotic arms set are the 204 pieces are included as well as a 36 page full-color manual. The number of pieces means the difficulty of constructing the models isn’t so great that the fun is removed, and the manual gives step-by-step instructions as well as an overview of the different parts and what uses there are for the models in real life. 

The six different models you can build with this set include a pivoting robotic arm, a robotic grabber, a robotic claw, a robotic hand, exoskeleton legs and exoskeleton arms. The ability to build all of these and learn about their uses in real life situations makes this a great STEM learning set.

With the holidays right around the corner and $10 off, it’s pretty good timing to grab this gift. So if you are looking for gifts for someone aged seven and up and either want to get them something cool or something to help them learn, this could be what you’re looking for. 

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