Project Cambria: The new VR headset revealed at Facebook Connect

Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new Oculus VR headset yesterday at Facebook Connect 2021, and it’s called Project Cambria.

The new headset will not be a new Quest device, nor a direct successor to the Oculus Quest 2 – contrary to rumours and potential leaks — but will be compatible with Quest devices. It was also revealed that the new headset will be released at some point next year, although no official date has been set yet. 

The announcement of the new headset came at Facebook’s annual event in which Zuckerberg also revealed the social media company is to change its name to ‘Meta.’ We don’t know too much more about the new headset, but it could feature on our best VR headsets page in the near future.  

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A Twitter thread containing a series of video clips was released days before the event that appeared to leak a new headset, being used by different avatars for different activities. We’re fairly confident that given the use of avatars in Facebook’s Connect event and the plugging of the ‘Metaverse’ that the leak was in reference to Project Cambria. 

The new headset is due to showcase cutting edge technology and will therefore likely be at the top end of most budgets but it will include real-time face and eye tracking and sport cameras that can pass high-resolution videos to it’s internal screens.

This means that people using the headset can convey their emotions and facial expressions onto their avatars while interacting with others. This, of course, is another feature in the push for a ‘metaverse’ and increased participation in virtual reality. 

Despite the fact that we don’t know a whole lot about Project Cambria, it definitely has potential to be a front runner in the world of virtual reality. Given it’s push by Facebook it could well push the limits of what we know is possible in virtual reality, although we’ll have to wait for further details to be released. 

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