Get 20% off Crayola STEAM toys and kits during World Space Week

It’s World Space Week this week (Oct. 4-10) and to celebrate, Crayola is offering a 20% discount on a range of their products including STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) kits and toys!

The American art supply company has a range of STEAM kits and toys on sale during World Space Week, including a solar system kit for kids, with the primary focus on science and art. 

The 20% discount is for a limited time only and will end on Oct. 10, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to take advantage of the offer. If you’re looking for more ideas to outfit your space cadet, check out out our best binoculars for kids for little stargazer. And if you’re looking for rockets, you can see our best model rocket kits page.

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The solar system kit comes with nine paintable planet hemispheres, a sun hemisphere, six colors of washable paint and a paint brush so children can learn about the different planets in the solar system by painting them and then mounting them on a giant 3-foot (1 meter) poster to display.

Crayola’s other STEAM kits include a “Gross Science Kit,” a “Liquid Science Kit” and a “2 in 1 Color Chemistry Set” which are all educational and tie in with the “science” aspect of STEAM. 

On top of the discounts that Crayola is currently offering, there is also free shipping on all deliveries over $30. Which will come in handy given the number of educational toys and sets that the art supplies company has available to order. 

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