A new Oculus VR headset may have been leaked ahead of Facebook Connect event today

A Twitter thread showing tutorial videos may have revealed what the VR headset that will replace the Oculus Quest 2 will look like.

The thread shows numerous clips which reveal a brand-new Oculus headset design entitled “Quest Pro / Seacliff” with Seacliff being the codename for a new Oculus VR headset. This could be a sneak peak at the new VR headset that Facebook might unveil at their Connect event, which is due to take place today (Oct. 28).

The videos show multiple animated avatars using a wireless VR headset – like the Oculus Quest 2 but less bulky and controllers which appeared to be charging on a dock. If you’re interested in VR headsets then be sure to check out our best VR headsets page – which features the Oculus Quest 2.

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We shouldn’t get too carried away with these series of clips however as there’s no guarantee that they’re completely genuine. However, if they are legitimate then that would imply that the new headset in the Oculus Quest line could be announced later this week. 

Of course, seeing what the upgrades or differences of the internals are is impossible from watching the clips alone but what can be noted, is the difference to the exterior of the model. It’s less bulky at the front – the visor more specifically – but the controllers are different too.

The weight seems to be more evenly distributed by a pack of sorts at the back – so it’s not too front heavy. The controllers in the clips didn’t feature the Quest 2’s tracking rings, so perhaps they won’t have to rely on the headset itself for inside out tracking. 

Whatever the changes made to this new VR headset are, we will likely have to wait for Facebook’s Connect event to find out any further information. The event is the social media company’s annual conference for all things virtual reality – formerly known as Oculus connect.

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