Terrifying New Halloween Mask Depicts A Human Face Not Wearing A Mask

U.S.—Kids are getting their Halloween costumes together, and this year there’s a particularly spooky one going around: some kids are wearing a popular new mask that depicts a human face not wearing a mask.

Move over, zombies and werewolves! This mask is guaranteed to make anyone run away screaming!

The new horrifying masks come in either boy or girl and show a smiling child’s face, completely uncovered by any sort of mask. The uncovered human face, smiling innocently, is sure to scare and delight.

“AHHHHH!!!” screamed one liberal mother in Portland as she saw her daughter wearing her new unmasked mask around the house. “OH! It’s just you, Susie. Whew! I thought for a second there was a child not wearing a mask hiding in the closet! I nearly had a heart attack!”

Some feel the mask goes too far. “I know Halloween is just for laughs and scares and everything, but that mask gives me the creeps,” said Blair Bellows of Brooklyn. “The human face is very triggering for me.” The mask comes with a trigger warning noting that it displays images unsuitable for libs.

Kids, of course, are being encouraged to wear their usual mask under their unmasked mask.

You are now entering a dimension of riots, militant political correctness, and creepy CRT dolls. Watch all three episodes of the Woke Zone trilogy here!

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