New York Times Now Claims ‘1619 Project’ Was Satire

NEW YORK CITY, NY—In a front-page article this week, The New York Times confirmed what many have long suspected regarding The 1619 Project: It’s just satire. 

“Woah! Haha– you thought it was real?” said Dean Baquet nervously in an interview. “Yeah–that whole ‘1619’ thing was just a joke! Always was! We have excellent satire writers here at the paper of record. Really surprised you fell for it there.”

According to the project’s creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, her goal was to create something so historically inaccurate and over-the-top that people would just have a swell time laughing at it. “Unfortunately, I was suddenly awarded the Pulitzer Prize for my work because people actually thought I was being serious,” said Hannah-Jones. “Then, Republicans pounced and I had to defend myself, and I just kind of forget to tell everyone it was a joke. Funny, huh?”

The New York Times cleared up any confusion about the article, and indicated they will be moving The1619 Project to the “humor” section of the newspaper.

Public Schools that have been teaching the 1619 curriculum claim to also be in on the joke, and have told angry parents to just lighten up and have a little fun with it. According to reports, conservatives are still really angry due to them being lame and no fun at all.

“Stay tuned for our next big joke!” said Dean Baquet. 

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