Man Carefully Times His Loading Of The Dishwasher So Wife Will See Him

MEMPHIS, TN—According to sources, local husband Max Cleveland recently loaded the dishwasher for his wife without even being asked. What a KING! To ensure his wife saw his good deed, he very carefully timed it so his wife would see him loading just as she came out of the bathroom. 

“Just a little trick I learned at husband school,” Cleveland said with a wink and a nudge to reporters. “I’m really good at husband stuff. Loading the dishwasher so your wife can see is, like, money in the bank, you know what I mean?” he said as he winked and high-fived everyone obnoxiously. 

As his wife walked by, she casually reminded him to “not load it wrong this time” and then walked away. 

“She’s playing it cool, but I can tell she’s crazy with desire after seeing me be mildly helpful around the house without being asked,” he said, which he then followed up by making a BOOM sound and an explosion motion with his hands. 

Unfortunately, Cleveland’s hopes were dashed after it was determined he had loaded the dishwasher wrong again. 

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