Justin Trudeau Dresses Up As A Saudi Sheik So Biden Will Approve His Pipeline

OTTAWA—Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (he/him, they/them) dusted off one of his old ethnic costumes today in hopes that President Joe Biden would approve his pipeline.

“Hello, President Biden, much happy greetings from my Middle East country, good sir!” Trudeau said in a meeting with the president today. “I have many great pipeline for you to approve today sir. And look! I have brought fresh hummus for you to much enjoy with your fine family good sir!”

Trudeau also gifted the president with some magic legumes and a mystical lamp that he said would grant wishes, though there was a $9.99 price sticker half ripped off the bottom.

Biden said he enjoyed his meeting with the “nice ethnic man” and that he was “clean, smart, and articulate.”

“Nice fella! You know, over there in the Middle East, the women cover their hair. How are you supposed to give a good sniff if you can’t even see a broad’s hair? Very tough countries to live in over there.”

While his pipeline was approved, Trudeau is sadly now canceled for wearing blackface. Not good!

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