Due To Rising Inflation, Worship Leader Can Only Afford Songs With 2 Chords

BOSTON, MA—As inflation continues to wreak havoc on the economy, worship leaders at churches are starting to feel the pinch—with many of them only able to afford worship songs with 2 chords.

“It’s really tough right now,” said Camden Forrest, a worship leader at Elevate Collective Ignition Jesus Community In The City, a local church in Boston. “Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for us to play songs with three chords or even four chords! But now, inflation has made that impossible.” 

Experts say that ink and paper prices have gone up, making lead sheets with more than 2 chords too expensive for most worship leaders. Additionally, a worldwide guitar string shortage has forced musicians to take out loans for new guitar strings. 

Other experts insist that most worship leaders only know 2 chords and the problem has nothing to do with inflation. 

“We’ll manage,” said Forrest. “We’ll just sing the bridges of Hillsong songs until the economy gets better.” 

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