Dr. Fauci Appears On Cover Of Playboy

Dr. Fauci Appears On Cover Of Playboy

U.S.—Hubba hubba! Playboy subscribers are going crazy over the latest cover model to grace this month’s issue: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“When thinking of who we wanted on the cover this month, the choice was easy,” said Playboy‘s Editor in Chief Timby McPiddle. “It was between our trademark beautiful women, or the savior of the world and sexiest man alive, Dr. Fauci. The choice was easy!”

Dr. Fauci has made history as the first male Playboy cover model to also unleash a devastating virus on the world that killed millions of people and then become a celebrity doctor making millions of dollars offering unsolicited advice on TV. The cover will show him in an alluring black girdle and bunny tail.

“As Playboy moves into a more progressive 21st century, we are proud to be featuring attractive progressive icons like Dr. Fauci!” said McPiddle. “Congratulations, Dr. Fauci!”

Sources say next month’s edition will feature Nancy Pelosi. 

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