Church Tech Guy Accused Of Using Cheat Code After Flawless Service

GODFREY, IL—Frustrated by the frequency of errors incurred while displaying worship lyric slides, video clips, and sermon points during the service at Wildlands Church, church technician Wes Greenfield reportedly typed a little-known cheat code into the church’s MediaShout presentation software Sunday, enabling the software’s “God Mode” to ensure a perfect service.

“Let’s see—up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Enter,” Greenfield was heard muttering moments before the service as he punched in the cheat code. “That oughta do it.”

Sure enough, the presenting software instantly displayed a message confirming the cheat code had been accepted, enabling invincibility mode and infinite do-overs.

The secret key combination allowed the tech to fire off unlimited worship lyric slides without any mistakes, and even auto-corrected numerous typos in the pastor’s sermon slides. The code further enabled the tech to play video clips at the exact right cue each time the pastor called for them, all at the perfect sound level for the audience.

Churchgoers, who had traditionally complained about all the tech mistakes during the service, then complained that the flawless service just “didn’t have the same charm” as the mistake-ridden service. 

At publishing time, Greenfield had found an exploit enabling unlimited backup saves of the service presentation file.

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