The Amazon’s pink river dolphin population is in freefall

The population of botos, river dolphins found in the Brazilian Amazon, is declining due to fishing with gill nets and is predicted to fall by at least 95 per cent in less than 50 years

Life 12 November 2021

2AKEMKH Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil.

An Amazon river dolphin, also known as a boto, in Rio Negro, Brazil

Sylvain Cordier/Nature Picture Library/Alamy

Strange, pink, small-eyed freshwater dolphins glide through today’s turbid waters of the Amazon River basin. But they are speedily approaching extinction.

The Amazon river dolphin, or “boto” (Inia geoffrensis) is one of the few remaining dolphins on the planet that are restricted to freshwater, with two other superficially similar species persisting in South Asia.

Anthony Martin at the University of Dundee in Scotland and his colleagues have spent more than two decades studying the botos around …

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