International Space Station at Night

ISSThe International Space Station is an unprecedented achievement in global human endeavors to conceive, plan, build, operate, and utilize a research platform in space. With the assembly of the space station at its completion and the support of a full-time crew of six, a new era of utilization for research has begun.

NASA’s research goals for the space station are driven by the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 and are focused on the following four areas: human health and exploration, technology testing for enabling future exploration, research in basic life and physical sciences, and earth and space science.

The 2005 NASA Authorization Act designated the U.S segment of the space station as a national laboratory. As the Nation’s only national laboratory on-orbit, the space station National Lab will improve life on Earth, foster relationships among NASA, other Federal entities, and the private sector, and advance STEM education through utilization of the space station’s unique capabilities as a permanent microgravity platform with exposure to the space environment. (from Nasa ISS Research and Technology)

Knate Myers put together this incredible view from the International Space Station at night.

Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station. All credit goes to the crews onboard the ISS.
I removed noise and edited some shots in photoshop. Compiled and arranged in Sony Vegas.

View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo.

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